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Dust cleaning and its meaning

Dust cleaning with vacuum technologies

During the process of manual dust removal the dust content of air is extremely exceeded over the allowable concentration. Such way of cleaning is suitable for removing coarse fraction dust from production areas, but the most dangerous dust – fine dust – stays in the air.

Manual dust removal is a low-productive process. It has no prospects and it soon will be replaced by mechanical means in all industrial sectors.

To increase cleaning productivity a method of dust blowing off from surfaces by compressed air stream is used. But according to sanitation and hygiene standards this method is forbidden.

Sometimes, wet dust cleaning is preferable e.g. in production of explosive materials. You should always pay attention to characteristics of the removed material and to the type of the production process. Some materials can negatively interact with water, they can be spoiled by it, e.g. cement.

Vacuum dust cleaning is standing out by its high sanitary-hygienic standards. Cleaning of surfaces is carried out with a special nozzle due to vacuum produced by vacuum equipment. .

The difference between vacuum dust cleaning and aspiration is the following: vacuum cleaning systems collect settled dust, and aspiration cleaning method is used for cleaning respirable dust.

    Normally there are two ways of vacuum cleaning:
  • by industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • by central vacuum dust cleaning systems.
    Sometimes it is inconvenient to use industrial vacuum cleaners to clean industrial areas because of:
  • of industrial vacuum cleaners in the air is not sufficient for cleaning different materials and surfaces;
  • relatively low depression doesn’t allow to use longer hoses and hoses with bigger diameter;
  • undercapacity of collection-material container leads to some difficulties during a cleaning process if there is a big amount of material that should be collected;
  • a lot of production equipment in a working area can make a cleaning process difficult.
Dust cleaning using vacuum cleaning systems

It is reasonable to use industrial vacuum cleaners to void producing areas with a small quantity of spillages, and also when it is impossible to use a central vacuum dust cleaning system.

Usually the most rational way to clean dust in industrial premises is to use vacuum dust cleaning systems.

Using vacuum dust cleaning prevents secondary dust fallout, this leads to equilibration of dust concentration both in cleaning area and in workplace background concentration. Simultaneously with that a working place is cleaned from settled dust.

Consequently, production culture has risen, the time needed for cleaning is reduced, and durability of technological equipment is prolonged. Besides, vacuum dust removal is labor saving, it changes the process of cleaning. Manual dust removal which is a hard work of non-operational personnel, that cleans plant areas, will be replaced by mechanized work of an operator of a vacuum dust cleaning system.

The quantity of dust that settles during the production process in working areas is rather big. That’s why implementation of vacuum dust cleaning on a plant is of current interest today.

In spite of all advantages, vacuum cleaning is not used in industry widely enough yet.

    It could be partly explained with:
  • relatively high prices of equipment ;
  • skeptical position of using vacuum cleaning systems based on a big amount of “dead projects” that were made earlier and had designing mistakes in their measurements due to lack of vacuum technology experience.

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