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  • Industrial vacuum dust cleaning systems

Industrial vacuum dust cleaning systems

Industrial vacuum dust cleaning systems

Vacuum dust cleaning systems are used for vacuum cleaning of plants, working areas, equipment and units from pollution and occupational dust. They can clean plants from dust and manufacturing waste like spillage (dusting) that appear during production process of transportation, transshipment, packaging and pouring.

Industrial dust cleaning vacuum systems can be divided into mobile and fixed ones.

The engineering solution of vacuum dust cleaning systems is based on using a vacuum unit, a filter-separator and a fixed branching pipeline that allows cleaning the most necessary places of a plant (conveyors, junction towers, (pre)packaging zones).

Industrial vacuum dust cleaning systems
    Use of vacuum dust cleaning technologies help in solving most of production tasks:
  • transportation and recovery of spillages;
  • maintenance of production line in good condition and in working order. It largely reduces maintenance expenses and extends the service life of technical equipment;
  • reduce risks of emergencies;
  • improvement of working conditions and operating personnel safety through reduction of personal injury or work-related diseases connected with inhaling of dust-loaded air by personnel;
  • improvement in environment conditions and in health of people who are involved in production
  • quality improvement of output products (without impurities)
  • reducing time for transportation of improper materials and waste after bunkers, siloes, spiral conveyers and etc. have been cleaned; the possibility of contacts of material with people and usage of an elevator are excluded;
  • loading and unloading are carried out with the help of vacuum dust cleaning systems;
  • time reducing on cleaning the equipment from production materials and dust before a scheduled maintenance or full repair;
  • explosive and flammable materials (coal dust, asbestos dust, flour and etc.) and aggressive agents (liquids like lubricating fluids, oils and etc.) cleaning. Explosion protection units could be used in vacuum cleaning systems.
    Implementation of industrial vacuum dust cleaning systems in a plant has following advantages:
  • quick materials transportation;
  • reducing cleaning time. In comparison with manual dust removal, vacuum cleaning is 4 times faster;
  • decreasing of cleaning personnel;
  • no secondary dusting. During manual dust removing of plants, a lot of dust rises, but vacuum dust cleaning systems collect both material and respirable dust;
  • the collected material could be collected into a special container with subsequent discharging in a place where it is necessary.
    Industrial areas where using of vacuum cleaning technologies are reasonable:
  • mining industry;
  • iron and steel industry;
  • construction materials;
  • chemical industry;
  • metalworking industry;
  • railway sector;
  • waste burning plants and etc.
    Vacuum cleaning systems can collect the following material:
  • cement;
  • charred coal;
  • pellets;
  • sintered ore;
  • lime;
  • gypsum;
  • concrete and crushed bricks;
  • tile;
  • chemicals;
  • fertilizers;
  • steel and aluminum materials;
  • pulp and paper materials and etc.

“EROST Group” (company) uses DISAB vacuum equipment (Sweden) in its vacuum dust cleaning systems. Such equipment has a high productivity level (depends on customer’s needs) and filtering degree.

When it is necessary to clean explosive materials, special vacuum equipment with ATEX and dust micronic filter can be used.

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