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  • Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems

Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems

Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems

DISAB fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems are designed for being mounted at one place. They clean a limited territory (usually one or several zones depending on customer’s needs and the type of collected material).

Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems contain a vacuum unit and a filter-separator that are connected with an interconnecting line. Depending on the equipment capacity, the quantity of interconnecting lines between the vacuum unit and the filter-separator can reach up to 4 pieces. The vacuum unit and the filter-separator can be mounted far from each other (if necessary) because filtered air goes through the interconnecting line and the resistance of the air in the pipeline is insignificant.

Operation of a vacuum dust cleaning system is carried out from a control board that is mounted on a vacuum unit and connected with a filter-separator to control a system of filter cleaning and the process of collected material discharging.

    On request of a Customer control of a vacuum cleaning system can be completed with the following options:
  • push-button stations located in any place where it is convenient to control the system;
  • remote controller;
  • valves with microswitches to operate the unit (on/off) when cleaning components are connected to the vacuum pipeline.
Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems – filter-separator Fixed vacuum dust cleaning systems – vacuum unit
    Material that is collected in the filter-separator can be discharged into:
  • conveyors or elements of manufacturing chains that return collected material back into production. This is the best variant of returning the material back into production, because it doesn’t need any additional technological operations with the collected material. On request of the Customer an air flow dividing valve can be installed on the discharging unit (it gives a possibility to discharge material on different conveyors of a technological chain )
  • containers or big-bags. This variant is less convenient than the previous one because a customer has to fulfill some extra technological operations with the collected material.
    Material that is collected in the filter-separator can be discharged in following modes:
  • automatic mode – a relief chamber that is installed in the bottom of the filter-separator, provides a cyclic material unloading of the main tanker without human input and without depressing of vacuum in the vacuum dust cleaning system. On request of the customer a data-output of the separator-filter’s unloading cycles can be done on a production board to control information about volumes of material collecting;
  • semi-automatic mode – with the help of a lid with an adjustable balancer. After reaching of a certain level of material in the main part of the container the lid opens because of its own weight and the filter-separator discharges. The disadvantage of such method is vacuum relief during the filter-separator discharging;
  • manual mode – when a level sensor reacts the personnel opens the lid and begins to unload the material in a manual way. This method can be used only if the amount of spillages is small.

DISAB also produces SEBF equipment that has a vacuum pump and a filter-separator placed together in one unit. This way is practical if you want to save space in a plant or if the amount of spillages is limited (the choice of such equipment depends on the amount of gathered material and on its distance from machinery).

Vacuum equipment can be completely customized according to customer’s needs at the stage of production of the equipment.

Our company selects the necessary equipment, makes the pipeline layout and calculates the diameters of pipelines and suction components during providing pre-project work after receiving the order or technical requirements.

Materials are collected through vacuum pipelines using special cleaning accessories. You can see all available accessories in our catalogue, section “Accessories.”

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