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“EROST Group” LLC (Ecofriendly Profitable Cleaning Systems and Technologies)

“EROST Group” LLC is an engineering
company focusing on implementation of vacuum technologies into production industry .
Our goal
is to increase industrial profitability by bringing material spillages back into technological process, prevention and quick liquidation of emergencies and reduction of equipment down time.
The ideological basis of our company
is an individual approach to every company that needs vacuum technologies for its production profitability raising.
Problems to be solved:
due to dusting or spillages, plant assets wear out, maintenance and accidents lead to working down-time, the production premises become dusty, time and man-hours are spent on work-area cleaning (cause row stock and product losses) – all that has a negative effect on safety and profitability of production. This is common for majority of Russian enterprises as well as foreign ones. Solving such problems is what “EROST Group” company does.
Implementing of vacuum technologies into industry
was highly estimated by NKMK, MRK, ALROSA, Mordovctement, Knauf and some other leading in their sector enterprises. Successful business of our company allows us to be proud of our reputation as a reliable partner. Our vast experience gives us an important advantage as all our solutions reliably realize the full value of using vacuum technologies at an enterprise, increasing production profitability and provides quick payback of expenses.

“EROST Group” provides a full range of services in implementation of vacuum systems into an enterprise process of production, including:

  • collection of initial data;
  • development of technological process;
  • preparation and approval of a technical project;
  • realization of project documentation (technical-and-economic index, feasibility study of a project, project documentation);
  • supply of the full package of vacuum equipment according to the designed project;
  • doing start-up and commissioning activities on vacuum systems and training of operators to reach the assure compliance with the vacuum equipment design capacity;
  • technical support throughout the whole life cycle of vacuum systems (consulting on maintenance issues, technical condition control, spare parts supply, additional requirements identification);
  • practical (design) development of project solutions due to additionally revealed needs of production and development prospects of an enterprise.
In its engineering methods“EROST Group” uses the potential of its reliable partner - the Swedish company DISAB Vacuum Technology AB that produces a wide range of the most modern high-performance vacuum systems, both fixed and mobile (mounted on motor vehicle/ trailer/ semitrailer). These systems consider requirements and specific character of each producing process. In our work we are fully focused on customer’s needs and problems, technological potentials and limits that are connected with different types of production. We integrate vacuum systems into technological processes in the most effective of possible ways.

Using vacuum cleaning technologies in industrial production makes it possible:

  • to optimize technological process;
  • to reduce losses of raw materials during the production process;
  • to maximize efficiency of human and physical resources;
  • to reduce time costs on accomplishing desired operations in efficient cleaning of production equipment;
  • to reduce wearing-out of equipment and to increase its maintenance-free running-time, and as a consequence of it to add production efficiency by extending of service life of main machinery and transport vehicles;
  • to sustain working conditions according to the standards, satisfying high European quality standards of ecological and industrial security;
  • to improve production standards and health working conditions, that will allow to avoid employees turnover and will lead to personnel stability;
  • to improve product quality;
  • to raise investment attractiveness of businesses considerably.
Production vacuum cleaning systems are developed, implemented and serviced by EROST Group, they meet customer’s highest requirements and expectations in quality, productivity, robustness and duration of life cycle. Thus this is a solid investition and a high warranty of European level of industry engineering in Russian enterprises.

Official distributor of DISAB in
Russia and in the CIS
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