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Logo EROST Grup
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Regional representatives are welcome
  • Building industry

Dust cleaning of building materials

Dust cleaning in the CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY

In the frames of the construction industry, vacuum equipment production DISAB Group is used by many major companies for dust removing, the total production of cleaning, collection of materials and recycling. The process of dust removing is especially important when working with lime and gypsum. The absence of mechanization with this raw material or using dust suppression system are certain complexity. Dust cleaning is a guarantee of clean production and product quality.

    the sphere of application of vacuum equipment DISAB when dust removing, successfully resolve the problems, offering effective solutions for companies during conduction of the following works:
  • The production of lime
  • The production of gypsum basics
  • Use of insulation material
  • And many other areas of application, linked to the sphere of construction.

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