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  • TNT-Spassk channel about the implementation of a DISAB vacuum loader at Spasskcement.

TNT-Spassk channel about the implementation of a DISAB vacuum loader at Spasskcement.

This machine looks impressive and respectable like a real gentleman but in fact it’s made for quite a dirty work – removing different types of materials and liquids.

It can clean almost everything!

Sergey Pyrkin (The head of “EROST Group” LLC technical support): This multifunctional vacuum unit made by DISAB (Sweden) is intended for industrial cleaning. It’s not only for cleaning dust. It’s also used in metallurgy, cement industry and etc. It can collect liquids, dry and wet mixtures. It produces 0,9mbar of vacuum”.

Sergey Pyrkin explained that there are no more such machines in Russia. Yes there are a lot of VOLVO cars in Russia, but we are referring to equipment that is mounted on the truck chassis. And this unit is really unique for Russia and was bought by our plant SPASSKCEMENT.

For two months the vacuum cleaning unit was being shipped by sea to Vladivostok. A DISAB (Sweden) representative Karsten Wilken made a training session for our staff members who will work with this equipment.

With the help of Irina Sukhitckaya (interpreter) we asked him some questions. Karsten told us that it’s not his first visit to Russia.

That’s why there were no problems or difficulties during his business trip or in his communication with the SPASSKCEMENT personnel.

Karsten Wilken (DISAB representative): No-no, everything was as usual, you’ve got machine operators who have experience in using similar units, but particularly this machine is new for you that’s why some additional trainings were required. At first this huge vacuum cleaner was tested with clinker; the frosty substance was easily loaded to the large tank.

Although some workers admitted that it was a bit difficult to work with the hose, because of the very high power of the unit. But it turned out that one man can easily operate the unit just standing nearby and using a remote controller. It’s not just a vacuum unit, but a vacuum unit with an onboard computer.

Operators already got used to the fact that before working with the machine you have to push several buttons, and then just to observe the process.

The vacuum unit has a very useful function: it has a special screen where information about a possible defect is displayed.

After clinker it was decided to test the vacuum unit with cement by pumping it from one wagon to another. The Swedish representative followed this operation with big interest because such units have never been used before for such operations.

Everything had a good end - the unit passed the test!

According to the head of vehicles department of the plant, the vacuum unit will be used first of all for silos (cement storage container) cleaning (mostly).

Аndrej Postnik (the head of the SPASSKCEMENT vehicles department): “This is a special technology, without manual work. Nowadays silos can be cleaned without people going into these huge storage containers and doing the work manually. The unit will do the work by sucking everything that can pass into its hoses”.

Аndrej Postnikov also told us that silos cleaning won’t be the only task for this vacuum cleaner.

SPASSKCEMENT is a developing plant and there always will be a lot of work for this unit.

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