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Taking part in PetroCem

Our company took part and was a sponsor of the 7th International PetroCem Conference in St. Petersburg (Russia), April 22-25, 2012
Деловая встреча на выставке PetroCem DISAB ЭРОСТ

The international PETROCEM conference has been held in St. Petersburg every two years since 2000. From the very beginning the conference became the largest and one of the most effective forums of cement industry specialists. 170 delegates took part in the first PETROCEM 2000 conference, while PETROCEM 2008 attracted more than 470 participants, on the previous international conference PETROCEM 2010 there were registered more than 500 delegates from 37 countries which represented more than 300 companies and organizations.

PETROCEM conference delegates represent cement plants, Russian and international cement holdings, cement consumers and trading companies; manufacturers of cement equipment, providers of services and materials; associations of manufacturers of cement, major Russian and leading world analysts, banks and foundations that invest in cement industry and construction of new cement plants. Such a representative composition of industry experts provides an opportunity for a wide range of fruitful contacts.

Discussions with the head KrasCem

The conference addresses such issues as cement industry development and cement applications, ecology and waste utilization, economy of fuel and energy resources, state of the art achievements in the field of technology and equipment, as well as problems of improving technological processes.

Each PETROCEM Conference is held at one of the most elegant and prestigious hotels of Russia situated in the historical center of St. Petersburg near such famous sightseeing attractions as the Bronze Horseman monument and St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

The PETROCEM organizers are proud that their conferences are held with an increasing success. A great contribution to this success is assured by active participation of the conference sponsors.

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