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Technical support

    The technical support of implemented projects, development of guarantee and service relations with Customers are performed by our Technical Support Department.
    Providing of guarantee and service relations:
  • A client gets a package of individually adapted Technical Documentation to make the works easier;
  • A client regularly gets consultations on a wide variety of technical and engi-neering matters and if necessary a client can get a consultancy on a SPR (scheduled preventive repair);
  • Co-determination of stock resources policy;
  • Co-summary of a Vacuum Station working results.


Together with representatives of DISAB Vacuum Technology AB, “EROST Group” LLC organizes training for personnel with the aim of maximum economic profit gaining by using vacuum units and achieving effective and long-lasting vacuum equipment handling. A training session is organized on the spot of equipment usage. More than 10 years of our experience of operators training allows us to offer to a client high-quality training course, after which opera-tors and engineers get a full overview of the most safe and economically effective way of using of vacuum equipment.
Personnel security is one of the most important points in working with Vacuum Systems. To transport materials with air flow is very dangerous that’s why thorough preparations and high professional skills of operators are required. Therefore the training sessions are ded-icated to teach operators dealing with DISAB Vacuum Technology AB equipment first of all. It’s also worth to invite service technicians to participate in the training sessions.

    Training session includes:
  • Introduction in vacuum operation
  • Introduction in blowing out
  • Introduction in fields of utilization
  • Standard solutions of usage
  • Pressure and speed
  • Operators instructions
  • Maintenance instructions
  • The control system
  • Preventive maintenance
  • F A Q
  • Certification
    Prevention of accidents:
  • Safety instructions
  • Rules and standards
  • Working in close proximity to a unit
  • Reliability and Safety of equipment run-ning
  • Environmental protection
  • Risk analysis

Vacuum Systems Efficient Use Training Event Plan is made on the base of the quarterly tech-nic-engineering report of the project solution and on the results of finding lacks in mainte-nance operating skills.

    After co-education training session and co-working a Customer gets:
  • Recommendations on vacuum unit gathering/recovering spillages (network schedule);
  • Suggestions on spillages gather-ing/recovering process optimization us-ing vacuum systems and based on manufacturing technology require-ments;
  • Technical and economic feasibility of in-vestments on working out production tar-gets in order to increase productivity;
  • Certification of taking part in the train-ing (Appendix 3);
  • Suggestions on vacuum unit mainte-nance service organization (equipment health evaluation);
  • Options on spare parts delivery.
    Customer’s prospective advantages of organiz-ing training sessions for operators and engi-neers according to scheme described above:
  • Minimization of losses up to 98% by recovering spillages and products;
  • Time reduction on cleaning, collecting and recovering material processes;
  • Personnel retrenchment;
  • Saving time on preparation of the equipment for repair and on the maintenance;
  • Improvement of working conditions.

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